Rock Bottom

I’m currently sitting on my couch. I’m enjoying a glass of wine and I’m divulging myself into the world of Pinterest.

Do you have a Pinterest? Do you know what Pinterest is?

I’m sure most of you do know what Pinterest is, but if you don’t ( I won’t tell… shhhh…) it’s pretty much the meca of quotes. Well… quotes and recipes you’ll try and mostly fail at… Mostly quotes… I digress…

I read through the quotes and sometimes I’m just taken back by what these people have experienced to write such deep emotions. Sometimes I think to myself, “Man, at least I got it more in order than them.” Sometimes I think “Oh, honey. Tighten up. You got this.”

I’m sure you know where I’m headed with this…

Pinterest helps me know I’m not alone in this world. It’s comforting to know someone else out there has had their heart broken, trust betrayed, or love lost. We’re able to know that even though everyone is telling you everything will be okay, it’s also okay to know that shit hurt in the middle. That life is tough. That sometimes things aren’t as ideal as you wished they were.

Life sucks but that’s also just a part of growing up. Things suck, but you learn from them. You move forward and you keep going. I don’t know how but sometimes it doesn’t matter how. All that matters is that you move forward. There is light at the end of the tunnel, even if you can’t see it. Dust yourself off. Look in the mirror. Tell yourself your a badass (because you are) and freaking smile. You are beautiful and life is too damn short. Smile and fall in love with yourself again. Things will always get better again, even if you’re at rock bottom.

Take it from the girl who made rock bottom her home. It took me completely hitting bottom to find my way back up. Don’t not give up. Don’t not lose hope. Most importantly, don’t lose faith in yourself because I believe in you and you should too. Life goes on and things will get better. All it takes is a little faith and you got this thing in the bag. Life? That’s the easy part. It keeps going, no matter what. Believing in yourself? That will be challenge, but you can do it and you will.


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