Drunk thoughts speak a sober mind

Sometimes things happen in your life and they don’t make sense, everything’s blurry and life sucks and times are hard…

Now, I know people in my life had things that are harder happened to them, more heartbreaking and everything just sucks. Still…your heart just hurts and life sucks…

I’ve had my heart shattered completely destroyed broken to the point where I felt like I just couldn’t breathe anymore. I felt like life wouldn’t keep going and everything was just worthless and after time passed and I dated other people, I did my own thing and I did whatever I could to just get my mind off of everything..  My mind, my heart, my soul… always went back to him…

Sitting there, tonight in the bar, his arm around me, after everything we’ve been through, all of the time that we spent together and time just not knowing what we wanted…  I realize we know what we want now and it’s each other.

Life isn’t about everything going perfect. More than anything I know now, that he’s the love of my life. He destroyed me, he perfected me, he taught me, he loves me and he taught me to love me… He taught me to forgive and ultimately he taught me how to forgive him.

You can still be happy even if you feel like happiness has been stolen from you. All you have to do is listen to your heart and your soul and keep believing that happiness can happen even in horrible not happy times.


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