Hi, I’m Megan. I’m just your typical twenty-something.

I’ve loved, I’ve lost, I’ve drank more that I should, I’ve made some great friends… Needless to say but I’ve had some really great adventures. For the past few years I have been carrying around a journal in my bag and when I feel inspired I just press my pen to the page and have at it. This blog shows personal excerpts from my journal along with some new entries in my current day life.

I’ve always been encouraged by close friends to create a blog to share my insights of what life’s taught me. I guess I finally decided it was time to listen to them. I’ve always found comfort in writing. I can get my ideas out of my busy head and move past them. Some days I reread what I’ve wrote in the past and I feel humbled. I’ve grown up, I’ve changed, I conquered.

The idea that my insights could comfort someone else is why I’m here creating this blog.

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