A note from the broken heart:

Please, please, please just put your heart away. Throw me in the top drawer… all the way in the back, and slam the drawer shut. Stop being so emotionally driven. Use your mind. Become so confident and wise that I’d be foolish to break apart again. Love is one tricky asshole. Stop fooling yourself in thinking it’s not. Once you think you have it figured out, I’ll be in pieces all over again. Stop trying to figure it all out. Please stop getting attached. I’m actually begging you at this point. Why do you do this? Why? You put out so much love because you hope that one day it will all come back to you. There is not a doubt – I know you will find love. Now is clearly not the right time. Stray away from commitment. Put up walls and protect me. I need time to heal. I need to be taught how to love just you right now, no one else. Take care of you. Rest assured knowing you know who you are. You know you will find everything you’ve ever wanted. Maybe we’ve gotten close… imaging how great everything will be when we finally get it right. Don’t stop trying… don’t stop loving… but start keeping me to you.


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